How to care for the body and for your hygiene

Beauty and hygiene care of business cards is crucial for any type of approach, social and personal. But sometimes they forget …

Hygiene and body care are the basis for your beauty and health. In addition, unpleasant odors and germitox particles price will not be assessed neither from whom, and to feel good with another, you need to feel at ease and to order.

The basics are the most important
Purity is also synonymous with others, on the one hand, to smell, too often smell ha and barbed, and on the other – the good of the community, taking into account that good hygiene helps to prevent many of the most common infectious diseases.

From this point of view, hands are our weak point, just like the vanguard of our body in the world that surrounds us. The first contact, in fact, happens almost always through the fingers. Do you think this means that all the door handles, computer keyboards, bowls, peanuts and books that they come into contact with every day: Prime Skin Cream I do not want to believe that all those who touched them before they wash their hands? How to clean it thoroughly with soap and water, especially after returning home, after contact with animals, after using the toilet and before eating. I do not want to overdo it, but experts advise the cat to take at least thirty seconds.

Remove dirt that accumulates under the nails is also important aesthetic gesture, as well as hygienic, not to overlook, especially if you wear long nails and use opaque enamel.The basics are the most important

Oral hygiene is so important for health and for social life, just like your mouth is our business card: if you smile and talk, and your teeth stained, gums defects and unpleasant smell from your mouth, you will certainly lose points. Therefore, brush your teeth after each meal in about three minutes, clean each tooth with circular motions from top to bottom, then use floss and mouthwash and make regular visits to the dentist.

From an aesthetic point of view, it’s nice to have white teeth, but try not to use too long, bleaching products, it can be harmful, so I prefer regular tooth cleaning at the dentist.

Splits, sweat, dust and smog contribute to the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Daily showers remove the remnants of dirt, it is recommended especially for intimate parts of the body, on the legs, on the neck and behind the ears. They change their bedding and bed clean every day so that they do not collect microbes in bed. To avoid having a dry or irritated skin menu, no aggressive detergents without alcohol and low foam.

Particular attention should be paid to intimate hygiene, because the structure of the female genitals makes them particularly sensitive to infections, therefore it is recommended to wash outside the room, but taking into account the delicacy of vaginal flora, it is good not to exceed twice a day and use appropriate products. In addition, during the menstrual cycle, you will need to change at least four times a day and do not hold the tampon in more than four hours. To avoid irritation, it’s best to use panties (thongs, etc.) from cotton and pants are not shy. Finally, we recommend doing a gynecological examination at least once a year.

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