How To Get Lighter Skin

Freckles? Dark spots? Uneven skin tone? Dark skin? Redness? Ever wondered how to get lighter skin and fix these problems? Don’t worry folks; we’re here to help you get out from under that paper bag. By the end of this article, you will want to show the world your flawless skin.

Like few, I’m naturally blessed with an even skin tone and have rarely had to consider foundation. For me it’s a treat, for many it’s simply a staple of their morning routine. However, there’s no need to hide behind all that foundation ladies (and men). With natural skin-lightening solutions, we can help solve your problems and help reduce your cosmetic bill each year.

When considering skin-lightening techniques avoid artificial treatments, as these harm your skin and often, worsen it. That’s because most skin-lightening solutions have hydroquinone: a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substance that causes Ochronosis: the thickening and darkening of skin. Which makes you ponder?

If these artificial skin-lightening treatments are supposed to work, why are they making my skin darker?

That’s because artificial skin-lightening techniques are not the answer; natural skin-lightening techniques are. They’ve been proven to work since they encourage the skin’s pigments to lighten naturally.

How To Get Lighter Skin Safely

Firstly, have you considered “Skin Whitening Forever”?

Developed by Eden Diaz, the package consists of homemade, natural recipes that really lighten your skin and even out all those blemishes. Freckles? Gone. Redness? Gone. Blemishes? They’re not your problem anymore with Skin Whitening Forever.

Here are other solutions that will you should use at the same time.

A Healthy Diet

Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Well, it’s absolutely true. Your skin is dependent on healthy oils – such as those found in avocados, peanuts etc. Make sure you eat a diet large in a range of nutrient-rich foods. Get your 4-5 servings of vegetables a day, include your 3-4 servings of fruits a day, and don’t forget your dairy, grains and meat.

Your skin will become healthier, making it much more responsive to natural skin-lightening techniques.

How To Get Lighter Skin

Avoid the Sun

Obvious isn’t it? However, most people forget this important fact. When you go outside, don’t forget to don your wide-brimmed hat, your coolest long sleeved tops, and your most comfortable long trousers. Don’t forget to smother your skin in sunscreen as well!

I recommend purchasing an SPF 30 sunscreen with added zinc oxide. This helps prevent hyperpigmentation from sun damage, which leads to darker skin (otherwise known as ‘tanning’). Also, wear white clothes if it’s hot weather. This reflects the sun, meaning you’re a cooler, and whiter, you.

Exfoliate and Cleanse

This is a great little formula on how to get lighter skin. Every morning, apply a tomato and lime juice (one tomato and lime in a blender until smooth) for 15 minutes. This encourages natural skin-brightening. Though the skin will initially sting, this is normal and will lessen with time.

Every evening apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice (one teaspoon of honey mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice) for 15 minutes. This encourages natural skin-whitening and simultaneously moisturizes the skin.

After both practices listed above, wash the skin with mild soap and a washcloth. Then apply Aloe Vera gel to heal the skin.

Exfoliation is done once a week; with one tablespoon of granulated sugar mixed with one tablespoon of oil until it forms a paste. This is rubbed into the skin in a circular motion and helps remove dead skin cells. This exposes younger, fresh skin and encourages the growth of new, whiter and even skin.

Whatever the reason you want to know how to get lighter skin, make sure you strictly follow these practices to ensure that your skin remains radiant, white and blemish free.

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