How To Lose Weight 10 kg?

The key to losing 10 kg weight, is to decide what to do next, that is, in your hands, get, you only need to change some habits, and we’ll give you tips to make this chocolate slim .

To start, you should know that we do not have to hurry. If we recommend you to lose weight, improve your health, and so, of course, that it will improve your image, but it will not make sense, I’ll make you better if you put your health on the border.

A good rate of weight loss is about 0.5 kg per week, which would be 2kg in a month and 5 months, I think I managed to lose 10 kg. So that you can not have a “diet” if you do not change your habits permanently, in this way, you not only get to lose weight if you do not, except that you reach it. It is recommended to stick to a diet for losing 10 kg a month, not realistically, remember it has no effect on your health, and you get a reverse effect in the following months, which will affect your future ability to maintain a healthy weight.

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The layout is changing, now your goal – “from now on I will eat healthy”. Such thinking will help you better integrate the power into your life rhythm, because not tom├írtelo, as something temporary, will work in all situations, meals, travels and other obligations without weight “I will jump”.

This is an impossible to follow, rigorous diet in which they limit groups of food products.Keto Diet It’s power from all groups of food products to get all the nutrients that our body needs. The strategy is based on taking less calories than we spend, through sugar and fats, especially those that are not healthy. This strategy is called a low-calorie diet.

In the next article, my girlfriends Moon Gomez and Juan Maria Gonzalez have all the keys, slimming 10 kilos.

If you want to speed up your bikini any help, you do not have to use complicated industrial products of questionable effectiveness. Some drinks will help you lose weight in a natural way, using the body hormones and nutrients they contain, and on the shelves of each store.

If the power before bedtime, science has proven that they have a beneficial effect on weight loss because it helps sleep better, and we already know the relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity – or because they activate some process associated with fat burning and muscle strengthening.

In any case, there are drinks that help you lose weight and lose weight effortlessly, though, of course, they must be included in a balanced diet, and supplement a good dose of daily exercise. Otherwise, there would be, for example, the so-called “miracle diet”.

What does the diet for 10 kg weight loss contain?

Preferably without fat (milk, yogurt and cottage cheese 0%). If you take drinks, vegetables, choose, enriched in calcium.

VEGETABLESWhat does the diet for 10 kg weight loss contain?

All vegetables are recommended. like lunch and dinner, as a main course, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers … vegetables, such as eggplant or zucchini, or brassicas (broccoli, cabbage …), as well as mushrooms.


Also advise all fruits, even a banana! It’s best to take 2 or 3 servings each day. You can take it for dessert or between hours. They are an excellent snack.

CEREALS, LEGUMINARY PLANTS and root vegetables

This group of products is that we use a form of energy, as if our gasoline. We need to accept it so that the agency can do its job, but we need to control the amount so that the body can also use energy reserves (accumulated fat) and slimming.

The amount of equipment you have something to add at lunch and dinner is the center of the fist.

Rice, pasta, couscous, bread … preferably complex, legumes (lentils, peas or beans) and potatoes.


Eggs: 3-4 eggs a week.
Meat: Best white (chicken or turkey) and one, maximum two times, Red meat (beef)
Sausages recommended: turkey breast, chicken or ham.
Fish: Increases your consumption at the expense of meat. Try to take no less than 3 times a week of white fish (Hake, flounder, cod ..) and 1 or 2 times greasy fish (salmon, sprats, mackerel …)
Seafood: you can also include your recipe like a white fish. Shellfish, mussels, squid, cuttlefish, shrimps …

The best is olive oil (preferably in the raw form), but you should limit its amount to 2 or 3 tablespoons a day.

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