Libido in women: The Influence of Individual Foods on Female Libido

We already have an indicative overview of the influence of particular markup on female libido. The more the analysis of the body indicated us for the dominance of a hormone, the more you need to be careful when laying the diet. We have to manipulate certain components. It is not always enough to arrange your menu once. You often have to make temporary corrections to it depending on your needs.

Let’s look at several nutrients¬†Paltrox T that can regulate the hormonal balance to some extent. Certain plant foods containing filosterols conquering testosterone levels will certainly be inadvisable. Of those widely available, you have to point to pumpkin seeds. This food, which I can recommend to all men with a clear conscience, women should stay away from him. Especially those that have an excess of testosterone.

Personally, I am an advocate of larger amounts of meat in the diet of both men and women. However, it causes many complications. Chicken breasts are so often recommended. Meat containing large amounts of white and relatively little fat. Fat can be topped up from other sources. It’s not a problem what worries you are that chickens are often grown on estrogen. For a man or woman with an excess of estrogen, eating more poultry will have catastrophic consequences.

Ladies with excess progesterone and testosterone can afford a larger amount of chicken meat. I also know that today almost all breeding animals are stuffed with such or other chemicals. We will not be able to escape completely from the “favors” of civilization. However, we can observe how a given type of meat affects our body.

Another interesting food regulator of female libido are legumes. If you have excess progesterone, eat more. If we have an excess of estrogen – less or completely discontinued. Here, however, a small note. In principle, it applies to all described foods, but from observations I know that especially legumes. The body strives for homeostasis, balance. Sometimes this balance is distorted, but it is a separate topic. If you eat very many legumes to raise estrogens, then your libido will quickly rise. After some time, the partner will recognize that he is dealing with a sex demon. However, attention! After a month or two, everything will end. Suddenly the libido will drop sharply and you may lose interest in sex for months. So you have to dose everything in moderation.

As for nitric oxide, peanut nuts will be useful as a source of arginine. In general, the intake of larger amounts of any nut has a good effect on female libido.

Much has been written about seafood, so I will just mention about them. Their strength of action is based on large amounts of zinc, selenium along with easily digestible protein.

Good regulators of both male potency and female libido are green vegetables. There are no limits in their consumption. The more the better. Certainly the most honorable place in this group is broccoli. Anyone who eats a lot of protein, moderate amounts of animal fats and large amounts of green vegetables will enjoy successful sex until late life.

I have already written about the good influence of eggs and bad soy. At the end, let me just mention the ginger and pepper, which improve circulation, which also translates into better sex. Exotic lovers can think about the ginseng root. Best dietary supplement Sphere Labs

What is the most Important?

I will repeat myself, but because of thousands of nonsense opinions I will write again, because it may be a key issue for your libido. It is not true that animal fat weakens sex drive. For your own goodness you have to eat a lot of animal proteins and moderate amounts of animal fats. Turn soy into meat, and soon you will see how good it will affect your libido. Throw away the margarine and get back to the butter! Dear Lord, you can regulate your hormonal balance to some extent. Do not let ignorant authors of cheap artisans do this for you. This will not lead to anything good!

Tablets and Creams to Improve Female Libido

These types of measures are much less than those for men. However, you can find and such. If you do not have enough diet, you can try them out. Regulating the body with food needs to be learned for a few years by observing your own reactions. However, we want to enjoy sex with us immediately. Perhaps, therefore, such tablets will be a good solution even for a transitional period.

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